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With limited exceptions (such as a child from only one family being cared for in a child care home), every family home child care in California needs to be licensed by the state.

"The home shall be kept clean and orderly, with heating and ventilation . . . The home shall maintain telephone service." (Whitcomb Family Daycare, in Long Beach, meets or exceeds
a number of California state requirements: central A.C. and heating; two childcare rooms.)
"In addition to any other required training ... each family day care home licensee who provides care shall have at least 15 hours of training on preventive health practices. The training shall include pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pediatric first aid, recognition, manage-
ment, and prevention of infectious diseases, including immunizations, and prevention of childhood injuries. The training may include training in sanitary food handling, child nutrition, emergency preparedness and evacuation, caring for children with special needs, and iden-
tification and reporting of signs and symptoms of child abuse...."
Health and Safety Code Section 1597.465:

A large family day care home may provide
care for more than twelve children and up to and including fourteen children, if all of the following conditions are met:

(A) At least two of the children are at least
     six years of age.

(B) No more than three infants are cared
     for during any time when more than
     twelve children are being cared for.

(C) The licensee notifies a parent that the 
     facility  is  caring  for  two  additional
     schoolage children and that there may be
     up to 13-14 children in the home at one
Family Child Care Regulations in California
California State Requirements Include:
Whitcomb Family Daycare maintains high standards of safety, sometimes beyond what the
state requires. This includes a front-yard fence for safety in pick-ups and drop-
offs of children, when a parent may become involved in talking.
Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Ave, Long Beach, 562-427-6027
Whitcomb Family Daycare, license # 191604310
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